07 Dec 2017

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In March 2010 I lived in an

07 Dec 2017

In March 2010 I lived in an ordinary world:

Working as a IT Consultant: Check.

Dealing with the early morning commute: Check.

Constantly reporting to my boss: Check.

Feeling as if the daily routine was sucking the life out of my body: Check.

To provide some background, I worked at an IT consulting job. So, I was doing the typical consulting work routine. I’d get up early to make the morning commute, run around all day helping clients, and attend long meetings. It was a stressing and unhealthy lifestyle. When I got any breaks, I would grab something quick and calorie-filled at McDonald’s and drink way too much coffee to keep my energy up. Once the day finally ended, I’d leave work at 6 pm, grab something again from a fast food restaurant because traffic would back up and I wouldn’t get home until 8 pm. Then I would crawl into bed without spending time with my new wife.

It definitely was a trying lifestyle. I reached my breaking point in March of 2010, when I was told I was being laid off. At that moment, everything in my life came to a screeching halt. I had no money coming in. Yet getting back into the proverbial rat race was disheartening.

I could find another consulting job where I would just become miserable again and not spend any time with my wife. And then, what about the future when kids became a part of our lives? I didn’t look forward to barely seeing them day in and day out if I went back to IT consulting. I would miss seeing them off from school or picking them up in the afternoons. I wouldn’t be there for school concerts or to sing holiday songs or attend Dad’s Donuts Days. They would grow up never really knowing who the man was that would rush out the door in the mornings and what part he had in their lives.

“What a waste of life!” I asked myself.  “Why am I working so hard? For whom?”

I wanted to reclaim my dignity. I wanted to provide my wife with a happy life and provide my future children with the Dad that they deserved to know. I wanted to feel the inner satisfaction of helping others while being my own boss. I wanted to enjoy everything that I had missed out on before, such as traveling around the world and working at any location while choosing the hours I wanted to put in at the job.

While I had that constant fear, about making a living, completely wrecking my life and possibly my marriage, I did the only thing that I could do. I evicted myself from the misery. I didn’t prepare my IT consulting resume. I shut down the recruiters trying to get me involved in various projects across the country and overseas. I burned that past bridge down.

Yet I still needed to provide for my family’s financial security. So, I went to snipping down my monthly budget. Every unnecessary expense had to go as I focused on what was necessary for our lives. Then, I sat down and poured into my life’s passion: becoming a full-time stocks and options trader.

There was just so much information to absorb. Luckily, with the trading knowledge that I acquired part-time, while working as IT consultant, I started my journey at full steam. I also lucked out and had some wonderful people, my guiding angels, provided me with mentor-ship that allowed me to go down the right track. I read all the online literature I could find about stocks and options trading. I soaked in the knowledge from books as my angels admired my passion and talent for the trade.

I held my own as a stocks and options trader, and then began to exceed even my own expectations. My wife and I now owned homes in several countries. I could trade from anywhere in the world as I enjoyed the creature comforts of outdoor activities. I can play on sandy beaches in the summer and go kayaking, zip lining and bungee jumping in the mountains. I even had the opportunity to go on exciting elephant rides in foreign countries during the day after putting in some hours on the stock market. It was a dream come true.

At one time in my trading life, I had other traders come to me seeking help. After receiving such excellent mentor-ship, I paid it forward and offered advice so they could create their own fortunes through stock market advisory services and coaching programs. Yet as I further honed the techniques and knowledge about the stock market, I started to notice an interesting pattern. Most of my time was being spent learning every possible technique out there, which forced me to expend too much time and energy trying to mesh all of the different techniques together. Instead, I could reach further success by changing my focus and concentrating on truly mastering just a few techniques that most professional traders use to reach financial success.

Through this new stocks and options trading strategy, I saw enormous gains at a rapid pace and my portfolio grew at light speed. I was absolutely shocked. While I had mastered several chart patterns and trading techniques, there were three specific techniques that continually proved highly profitable to me.

And now I want to share these three techniques with you for free. I want you to break out of the corporate cubicle wars and instead reach the same financial success with stock market trading.

No longer worry how to master stock trading. Spend more time with the family and pursue all the luxuries that life has to offer. In my “Mastering the Stock Market” guide book, I go into greater detail about these three simple trading techniques and how mastering these will make you into an independent and profitable trader.

Simply get in touch with me and I will send you your Free “Mastering the Markets” guide book today so that you can find the success that my trader followers and members have found. Finally burn the bridges that are holding you back from financial freedom and happiness.

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